Music You Can Walk Inside

Written in Water explores the town’s distinctive character and maritime history using spoken word, local and archive recordings and original musical composition. Many Gosport residents and community groups have contributed reminiscences and stories to the project, making it a truly local experience.

Layers of virtual sound hang invisibly above the landscape, accessible with our GPS-connected handsets or Android phones. Enter the fluid, ever-changing virtual soundscape: literally music you can walk inside. Listen to a great interview with Benjamin Mawson on BBC Radio Solent here


Experience this project for yourself at GOSPORT'S HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 11 - 14 SEPTEMBER

Visitors  pick  up  a  handset  from  Gosport  Discovery  Centre,  or  access  the  noTours   smartphone  app  (Android  only), and  embark  on  soundwalks  around  the  town.  

Gosport  Heritage  Open  Days  have  taken  place  annually  since  the  first  pilot  in  1992,  a   success  that  was established  nationally  in  1994  as  England’s  contribution  to  the  European   Heritage  Days.  Free  of  charge  and  open to  everyone,  they  are  a  chance  to  discover  more   about  local  architectural  treasures,  history  and  culture.  This  year  is  packed  with  local  events   to  suit  all  ages  and  interests,  with  booking  for  some  of  them  already  filling  up  quickly. More details can be found here